Oster Cat Blade Catalog #078917-026-000 The Oster® Lucky No. 9™ cat blades feature a revolutionary new tooth design that allows you to cut through the feline coat faster, easier and safer than ever before. By reducing track lines and leaving the coat with a clean, smooth finished look the Lucky No. 9™ blades are a must have for anyone who wants to take the stress out of feline clipping. #30 For Pads, and Bad Matting, but must be used with Universal Guide Combs New tooth design allows the feline coat to feed easier. Reduces track lines for a smooth coat appearance on the first pass Reduces grooming time by allowing you to clip an area only once, making it safer for the groomer and feline. Works on all Oster® heavy duty detachable blade clippers

Oster Lucky Cat no. 9 blade #30

SKU: ost9cat30