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HQ8505 input 100-240VAC 50/60HZ Output 15VDC 5.4W 800MA Fits Models: AT790/40, AT810/41, AT815/41, AT830/41, AT830/42, AT895/41 QT4019, QT4019/40, QT4022/32, QT4022/41, RQ1150/17, RQ1160/17 RQ1160/22, RQ1180/17, RQ1250/17, RQ1260/17, RQ1280/17 RQ1280/22, RQ1290/23, 1100 SENSOTOUCH, 1150X/40, 1160X/40 1160X/42, 1160XCC/42, 1180X/40, 1190XD/44, 1200 SENSOTOUCH 1250X/40, 1250X/42, 1250XCC/42, 1255X/44, 1260X/40, 1280X/42 1280X/45, 1280XCC/42, 1290X/40

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 2D, 3D HQ8505 Power Adaptor Charging Cord

SKU: NOR8505
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