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The 44/20® Taper - Fine™ is the world's most imitated shear in advertising claims and appearance only. Its quality is never duplicated. Do you want to know the 44/20® Quality difference? PRECISION MADE!! Each shear is precision slotted and notched Each shear is guaranteed against defects in both material and workmanship for a lifetime (assuming normal usage conditions) 46 teeth - each tooth is hand notched under a microscope Each shear is thoroughly tested to assure perfect cutting before leaving our factory To allow for continued durability and strength we incorporate the highest quality steel in the industry The shapes, styles, and sizes have been designed after many years of field testing by professionals, platform artists and medical professionals 1 of 2 shears to have 3 Guinness Word Records to its name The 44/20® Taper - Fine™ Tapering shear was created by Economy Supply Company, Inc. and is manufactured in our California plant, where we have absolute and total control over the quality of our materials and manufacturing processes. Our factory offers reconditioning service for the Taper - Fine™ Shear. While 44/20® shears are made to maximum quality standards and will last a lifetime, we recommend factory reconditioning to assure optimum and peak performance.

4420 Taper Fine Tapering Shear High Carbon Steel #460

SKU: 460
$139.95 Regular Price
$124.95Sale Price
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