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Babyliss PRO
Model FX02  GOLD
Professional, Full-size metal foil shaver equipped with a powerful rotary motor. A great tool for an extra-close shave on the neck, face, and all around the hairline. Also perfect tool for fusing the blend on bald fades.
The FOILFX 02 is designed with offset double hypoallergenic gold foils that reduce skin irritation while removing stubble with precision for a smooth, finished look. 
Hypoallergenic Gold Foils with Offset Double Foil System
Metal Housing
Powerful Rotary Motor
Auto Cover/Shut-off
Cord/Cordless up to 3 hour runtime
Duel Voltage



Babyliss GOLD FOIL FX02 Cord/Cordless Li-ion Duel Foil Shaver FXFS2G

$129.95 Regular Price
$99.95Sale Price
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