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Oster Black Laser 45 Tooth Blender Shear 45 Teeth Blender Grooming Shears Oster SuperSteels High-Performance Grooming Shears Black Laser Shears use the latest in advanced steel technology for extreme blade durability. While most blade technologies are applied as a coating that can quickly wear away, Black Laser Shears are made using made using a patented proprietary process that completely alters the steel for Oster's longest lasting blade, ever. These shears feature removable finger rests, offset handles for comfortable scissoring, and dialed tension adjusters to make it easy to set the cutting tension. These 45-Tooth Thinning Shears are ideal for thinning hair (along the grain) and for blending work.

Oster Black Laser 45 Tooth Blender Shear #078799-350

SKU: 034264422520
$309.95 Regular Price
$179.95Sale Price
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